Umbrella Insurance

Much like how we use an umbrella to protect us from Mother Nature’s elements, an Umbrella Liability policy can help protect you from unforeseen human elements.

In today’s world, all of us are vulnerable to situations where we could be found liable. Just by the things we possess, we could become the targets of legal action and face potentially huge judgments — in addition to high legal costs

What if…
Your pet bit someone
Your Negative Online Review of a Business Upset the Owner
You cause a serious car accident
A guest has extensive injuries resulting from a fall on your property

These are just a few examples of instances where you may be vulnerable to a costly lawsuit and having an Umbrella Liability policy could be beneficial for you to have.

Eileen Collin Insurance Agency

Eileen Collin Insurance Agency

We also offer Commercial Umbrella policies too….

Small, Medium & Large businesses “We have the products for you!

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